Where to Eat in Bucharest

Where to Eat in Bucharest

Romanian cuisine is known for its flavorsome, hearty recipes which are an excellent mixture of the country's history, culture, and tradition. Meat dishes are more popular than fish dishes, and seasonal vegetables are a basic ingredient in all meals.

Typical Dishes in Bucharest

These are some of the most typical dishes, don't leave Bucharest without trying them:

Ciorba: widely regarded as the most popular dish in Romania, ciorba is a kind of sour soup which can be made from chicken, beef, fish, or vegetables. Ciorba de fasole (bean soup) is very popular among tourists, and it's often served in a bread bowl.

Sarmale: translated into English as 'stuffed cabbage rolls', this is a simple and well-loved dish made of a delicious mixture of meat with rice and onions which is boiled and wrapped in cabbage leaves.

Mămăligă: known in other parts of the world as 'polenta', this is a kind of purée made from maize flour that is a common accompaniment to many meals.

Mici: this is a staple in Romanian cuisine. Also known as mititei, it consists of grilled ground meat rolls made from a mixture of beef, lamb, and pork with spices such as garlic, black pepper, coriander, and sometimes paprika. 

Papanasi: a traditional fried or boiled pastry. They are usually filled with soft cheese and they are served covered in sour cream and with any kind of sour jam topping. Perfect for those of you with a sweet tooth!

Țuică: a plum-based traditional Romanian spirit that contains up to 60% alcohol. Not for the faint-hearted!

The Best Places to Eat in Bucharest

You won't be short of options with regard to where to eat in Bucharest, although we think that the best place to enjoy typical Romanian cuisine is in the historic center.

Some of the most popular restaurants are  Caru' cu bere and Hanul Manuc. Located in the heart of the city, these are somewhat touristy, but they offer delicious, traditional food in a pleasant environment.

Nightlife in Bucharest

If after experiencing the city's wonderful cuisine, you're not ready to hit your hotel, why not check out some of its bars and clubs? Steeped in history, it may be hard to believe that Bucharest has a thriving nightlife, but under the cover of darkness, the city really comes alive. Romanians party hard, and some clubs even have a "last man standing policy", where they will basically stay open until the last person leaves. The city also has some unusual traditions, for example throwing toilet paper is the Bucharest version of throwing confetti or dropping balloons!

The Old Town is a good place to start your night, as there are plenty of bars to choose from. Another option is to go on a pub crawl, which will guarantee that you see a variety of places, without having to research where to go.