Top 10 Sights in Bucharest

Bran Castle, the Palace of the Parliament, Ceausescu MansionCotroceni Palace and more... enjoy your trip to the maximum and discover the 10 unmissable places in Bucharest.

10 Unmissable Experiences in Bucharest

Bran Castle

Popularly known as Dracula's Castle, Bran Castle is a legendary place and the most popular fortress in Romania.

Peles Castle

With its incredible history, surroundings & architecture, it is no wonder that Peles Castle is the second most visited museum in Romania after Bran Castle.

Templul Coral

Built between 1857 and 1867, Templul Coral is one of the few surviving synagoges in Bucharest despite the challenges over the years.

Village Museum

The Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum gives visitors a chance to discover the way of life in different regions in rural Romania.

Victory Avenue

Victory Avenue, also known as Calea Victoriei, is the most important street in Bucharest, as well as being the oldest. Discover it!

Palace of the Parliament

A symbol of dictator Ceaucescu's megalomania, Bucharest's Parliament is the second largest building in the world, beaten only by The Pentagon.

Stavropoleos Church

Stavropoleos Church is a small yet special temple which manages to shine and stand out among the concrete buildings which surround it.

Cotroceni Palace

Cotroceni Palace is the Romanian President's offical residence. It's a beautiful mansion in the heart of the city which can even be visited by tourists.

Ceausescu Mansion

Ceausescu Mansion opened to the public in 2016 to show the ostentatious lives of two of the main political figures in Romania.

Old Princely Court

The Old Princely Court is the oldest medieval monument in Budapest, which gives visitors an insight into the old region of Wallachia.