Taxis in Bucharest

Taxis in Bucharest

The centre of Bucharest is relatively small, therefore taxi journeys do not tend to be very long and are fairly inexpensive. Taxis are the easiest way of getting to places that don't have very good public transport links that are not in the city centre.

When you take a taxi in Bucharest, it's important to remember that not all taxi drivers speak English. Therefore, it's useful to have a map to be able to point out where you want to go, or better still, be able to show them the full address.

If possible, it's better to pay with small notes, as taxi drivers often do not have much change.


In Bucharest, there are many different taxi services with different rates. The prices appear on the door and can vary from 1.29 RON (US$ 0.30) up to 3.50 RON (US$ 0.80) per kilometer (0.6 miles).

If you book a taxi from the airport, the price will depend on the taxi company and the exact location of your hotelThe price can vary between 40 and 100 RON (US$ 21.60). To get a taxi from the airport, you have to book the taxi before you leave the terminal by using the machines in the arrivals hall.

Taxi Numbers

Here are the numbers of some of the taxi companies in Bucharest:

  • Taxi Bucharest: 40 722 240 500.
  • Black Taxi Bucharest: 40 726 551 248.
  • Speed Taxi: 40 21 260 2000.