Guía turística de Bucharest


Known as the 'Little Paris of the East' thanks to its palaces and beautiful 20th-century buildings, Bucharest is an elegant, imperial city with a passionate history for visitors to discover.

Why Visit Bucharest?

Bucharest is the capital of Romania as well as the country's industrial, commercial and cultural heart. Despite the fact that it is still an unknown city for many people, in recent years tourism has considerably increased and slowly but surely it has become one of the points of reference in south-east Europe.

Bucharest oozes history, and each step you take through the city takes you back in time, as you discover the secrets that lie behind its peculiar charm.

The city has a mix of architectural styles, with surprises around every corner; from bourgeois palaces reminiscent of the city's most glorious era to the big communist tower blocks built during the city's darkest period. If walls could talk, there would be many stories to be told!

How to Organise a Trip to Bucharest

Our Bucharest travel guide will help you get all the information you need before you travel. That way, once you're there, all you'll have to worry about is having a good time. We think that the best way to prepare for your trip is to read the legends about the history of the city and the practical information that will come in handy throughout your trip. Then, you should take a look at the main museums and tourist attractions in the city.

Hotels in Bucharest

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The most complete Bucharest travel guide

We offer a travel guide for travelers, written by travelers, with personal advice that will help you save money and know the best places to visit; all you'll have to do is enjoy your trip to Bucharest.

The information in this guide was collected in August 2022. We do our best to keep it up-to-date, but if you find any mistakes or anything we should change, please let us know.

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