Buses in Bucharest

Buses in Bucharest

Bucharest has over 110 bus lines, which are perfect if you want to get to somewhere on the outskirts of the city. However, most of the tourist attractions are located in the centre, where you can walk or take a taxi, so the buses many not be the msot convenient means of transport on your trip.

Buying Tickets

It's important to remember that you cannot buy bus tickets on the buses in Bucharest. You must buy them beforehand from the grey ticket offices that are close to some stops. At these ticket offices, you can only pay in cash and you have to pay for the price of the card and the journeys that you wish to take. 

Once you've got your ticket, you must validate it when you get on the bus by using the orange machines that are close to the bus doors.


The bus card costs 1.60 RON (US$ 0.40) and you can top it up by any amount you wish. A daily ticket costs 8 RON (US$ 1.80) on urban lines and 7 RON (US$ 1.50) per journey on the express lines that connect the airport to the city center.

Bus Map

The Bucharest bus system has many routes and stops which may be complicated for tourists, especially if you don't speak the local language. Having said that, it might be a useful option to get to the outskirts of the city or the airport. 

Here is a map of the bus routes in Bucharest.